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Innovative tools and working methods

SRCI Group’s fundamental methodological process is summed up by: “each request has its own answer”. Since it was set up in the early 1990s, SRCI Group has upgraded its methodological principles on a regular basis, which has enabled it to provide consultancy and training to a great number of people in companies and organisations as well as to private individuals.
Since it was taken over in 2012 by its new partners, particular emphasis has been placed on a certifiable methodological approach which then allows all our consultant-trainers to consistently use the same best practice.


ACCESS SRCI is an internal organisation within the SRCI Group for which our consultant-trainers and group partners have been working since 2012. ACCESS SRCI contributes to furthering our methodology and its continual upgrading by collating best practice from each of its members to cascade and share with other members, by training newcomers and by storing details of different scenarios and the action implemented.


Mentoring provided for organisations, whether public or private, and for individuals, whether on a professional or private basis, is a distinctive part of SRCI Group’s audit, consultancy and training work. Since 2012, the new partners and consultant-trainers have drawn upon the many years of experience gained from previous teams to produce a systematic mentoring programme.


At SRCI Group the way in which we respond to training requests is to adapt our courses to fit the organisational environment, both for public and private organisations, and to suit individuals, both on a private or a professional basis, which means that our training is customised and can be modified over time. We are able to work this way because SRCI Group consultant-trainers work together as part of ACCESS SRCI, all sharing their knowledge, which makes it possible to provide our bespoke training programmes.

Innovative methods and approaches for



to meet, to learn, to sell

Virtual rooms which are developed in-house, mostly by SRCI Group, are far more effective as tools than simple video conference systems or MOOC type distance learning systems. Secure, encrypted, and stored online on servers located in France, they operate on separate platforms which enables SRCI Group to cater for very complex requests. SRCI Virtual Rooms ® are tools which can be adapted to work with groups ranging from 2 to 30 people. However, for ACCESS SRCI consultant-trainers to help SRCI Group clients achieve permanently improved performance, over and above these technological aspects it is the user protocols and the training provided for users that sets SRCI Virtual Rooms® apart.


Each use has its room


Distance learning is the transfer of knowledge and know-how, a process as old as writing. So the principles involved are well known. With SRCI Virtual Rooms® these principles have been revisited by adapting them to fit the tool as well as by developing specific protocols for distance learning. Using a virtual room is so effective that it means a whole range of training courses can be delivered with results which can be easily measured.


SRCI Virtual Rooms® provide access to meeting spaces lowering costs by eliminating costs which would have been incurred had the participants travelled to the meeting. More suitable than the current tools most commonly used because it is possible here to have interactivity and a more structured exchange; upon request SRCI Virtual Rooms® can also be run using recording mode so that participants can be given a record of their work after the meeting.


When the 1st SRCI Virtual Room® came into operation it was straightaway used to organise meetings between Europeans suppliers and their Japanese customers. Since SRCI Virtual Rooms® provide export companies with real time access to their customers in distant locations, companies can reduce their costs, and simultaneous interpreting is also available. Selling abroad has become even easier.


Research into and about virtual rooms means they are regularly upgraded and the result is a series of innovations which are then made available to SRCI Group clients. This research makes it possible to bring people together who may be several hundred or even thousands of kilometres apart -creating spaces for exchange which achieve new horizons in terms of development, both on a personal and a professional level, and on an organisational and methodological level too.


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