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Since it was founded in the early 1990s, SRCI Group has known how to pool and structure its experience in these areas. After it was taken over in 2012 by its new partners and after a consultant-trainer organisation was set up, ACCESS SRCI, it then became possible to work using a system which provides qualifications. Going down this route meant that our practice could be reproduced, not only in France but also in Europe, Africa and Asia and it could be used to tackle other areas of business activity. By using our virtual rooms which makes it possible to record meetings between our consultant-trainers and clients, work capacity and cross-fertilisation have been increased even further, entirely consistent with the path SRCI Group has chosen: “Working together, let’s boost your performance”.

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SRCI Group

A network of consultants, skills and innovative methods

From the outset, SRCI Group was able to look ahead and see that networking was the way of the future, as both private and public organisations would need a rapid, flexible response and costs commensurate with the services being offered and provided. Only a consultant-trainer network, the one set up with ACCESS SRCI to pool our skills and cascade them geographically at the same time using our innovative methods and tools is able to fulfil the new expectations that organisations now have, in particular if located in Europe, Africa and Asia.

For those who have trusted us – their performance has been boosted because of the way SRCI Group works.

SRCI Group

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