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SRCI Group can offer vast expertise in training by drawing both on its course database – it has been delivering courses for over 20 years – and on the vast experience of its consultant-trainers who work together in ACCESS SRCI. Since 2012, this expertise has been cascaded using our SRCI VRooms ® which enable us to measure learners’ progress in real time – which further improves their performance.

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SRCI Group

A network of consultants, skills and innovative methods

From the outset, SRCI Group was able to look ahead and see that networking was the way of the future, when both private and public organisations would need a rapid, flexible response and costs commensurate with the services being offered and provided. With ACCESS SRCI, the consultant-trainer organisation set up by SRCI Group, we can fulfil these new expectations for organisations in Europe, Africa and Asia – by applying our teaching practice internally, pooling our skills and cascading them geographically and at the same time using our innovative methods and tools.

For those who have trusted us – their performance has been boosted because of the way that SRCI Group works.

SRCI Group

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